The moment we (at least, the bride and groom) have all been waiting for.

The Ceremony

We chose to have a small, outdoor ceremony. The Hollins House is perched over Santa Cruz and the ocean. While it was a cool June afternoon, it was beautiful. The Processional The Hand Off The Ceremony Begins The Reading Jerram’s good friend, August, setups up to read a passage. These are the hands that will work alongside yours as you… Read more →

Jerram & Elizabeth

The Wedding Party

Rather than missing out on socializing during cocktail hour, we had our photo shoot before the ceremony. The Goom’s Side First Look While tradition has it that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding, we tried to preserve the magic and excitement by performing a “first look.” The groom looks away while the bride approaches to create a… Read more →

Elizabeth finishing Jerram's ring

Forging the Rings

Yes,that’s right, we made our own rings. Well, Elizabeth made Jerram’s ring and Jerram made Elizabeth’s ring. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for the wedding. While it was a full day of hard work, it was so very gratifying. Thank you Adam for a wonderful workshop and great instruction. Read more →

For those who can’t be with us

We understand that, for those who cannot join us, your absence can be a point of distress. For those who do have the time but not the location, we will be streaming the wedding through Google Hangout. For those unfamiliar: Google Hangout is a live streaming service that allows us to take video of the event as it’s happening and… Read more →