Forging the Rings

Yes,that’s right, we made our own rings. Well, Elizabeth made Jerram’s ring and Jerram made Elizabeth’s ring. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for the wedding. While it was a full day of hard work, it was so very gratifying.

Melting the gold

Here we are using a torch to melt down the raw gold into a workable bar.

Creating a bar of gold

Here we melt, pour, and cure the gold bar.

Elizabeth and Jerram hammering a gold bar.

Here we are hammering the gold to make it stronger and denser. Getting any air bubbles out.

Elizabeth holding the two cut pieces

Now that we have the properly treated gold, we can cut it into the two sections that will become each individual ring.

Elizabeth holding a torch over the gold

Yup, more heating for treating the gold.

Rolling the gold

Here we use a machine to roll the gold into the proper diameter for the rings.

Cutting the rolled gold to the size of the final ring diameter.

Now that the gold has been rolled, we have a much better sense of how much we need for each ring. We cut the gold to the length that the ring will be. You can now see how the rings are becoming unique. Elizabeth’s is a classic narrow band and very round while Jerram’s will be wide with, flat on the outside with a “comfort fit” rounded inside.

Make the strips of gold into circles.

Using a metal cylinder and a hammer, we now pound the rings into their circular shape.

Binding the two ends into a complete circle.

Here we essentially “solder” the rings by heating them up and melting a new strip of gold over the break where the two ends meet so that the ring is now a continuous circle.

The rings soldered together

The rings, now a continuous circle after the soldering.

Forming the rings into full circles.

The rings had been formed into an oval shape for the purpose of the bonding. Now we use the hammer to bring them into their final, circular, shape.

Jerram sanding the rings

Jerram sands the inside of the ring with rough grade paper to get a continuous and consistent surface inside.

Sanding the rings

Both of us have to gradually step down grades of roughness in sandpaper to create even and relatively smooth surfaces of the rings.

Elizabeth's ring

Jerram is very proud of his progress. But he isn’t finished yet!

Jerram's ring

Jerram shows off Elizabeth’s ring.

Elizabeth finishing Jerram's ring

Elizabeth is also getting close to done with Jerram’s ring.

polishing the rings

The final step is to polish the rings to get that lovely, shiny surface.

Showing off the final rings

Elizabeth and Jerram show off their finished rings.

Thank you Adam for a wonderful workshop and great instruction.

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